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Traditional Bamboo Spout Water Machine

Water machines add tranquility to any garden. These beautiful bamboo accents create random sounds of falling water with an occasional sound of tapping bamboo. Built using advanced techniques to minimize the possibility of cracking, sections are banded with copper wire, and large canes are split and reassembled to make a durable attractive product.

Traditional Bamboo Spout Water Machine $29
4 lbs

The Birdscarer is 30" tall and has a built-in spout, hose and moving arm.

The Giant Birdscarer is 48" tall.

Only a very small pump is needed as low flow is optimum.

Notice the fine details of construction. The canes are split and re-assembled, then bound with copper wire.

This Spout can be used along with the Deerscarer as a set or used separately. It comes complete with a hose.

This Deerscarer is one part of a set, traditionally used with the bamboo Spout. As the deerscarer fills with water it eventually pivots and dumps the water. As it returns to the upright position, it can be arranged to strike a rock or other object, making a deep rich sound.

Unlike the Deerscarer and Birdscarer, the Waterfall provides a continuous sound of falling water. Because it does not splash as much, it can be used in a smaller pond. It is our most popular model, and it comes complete with a hose.