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1 inch bamboo cane x 8 foot long

All bamboo canes are not created equal! We offer premium canes at fantastic prices. We can do this because we buy directly from the farmer. We have walked the bamboo forest, and participated in every part of the cane harvesting and preparation. Finally the container is packed and shipped right to our warehouse. No Buyer in Hong Kong, importer in LA or middleman to pay. What you get is better quality canes for less money.

STRENGTH - For maximum strength canes should be harvested in their 3rd year at just the right time. Canes rushed to market may be cheaper but will not be as strong and will be more susceptible to insect attack and rot. Our canes are carefully harvested for maximum strength from Moso Bamboo (Phyllostachys heterocycla pubescens), one of the strongest temperate bamboos.

CHEMICAL TREATMENT - To be imported, all canes must be free of insects. A quick fumigation gets the job done and leaves you with Toxic canes. We treat the raw canes with a hot water bath that kills the bugs and leaves the bamboo clean, safe and ready for finishing.

DRYING - If canes are not dried properly, when they get into the sun they will likely split. If used in a humid location they will likely rot. Our canes are first air dried over a period of weeks and then kiln dried just prior to finishing to get the perfect moisture content.

FINISHING - Our canes are cleaned and finished with two coats of Exterior Varnish. This preserves the cane, and maintains the natural color. Typical cane suppliers bleach their canes an unnatural uniform yellow color and they end up looking more like plastic pipe than natural canes!

Our canes are sized by diameter and all are 8 feet long. As they are tapered and hard to measure, we apply the following method of sizing. We have a gage with holes at 1 1/2 inch, 2 1/2 inch, 3 1/2 inch and 4 1/2 inches. They are sized by the smallest hole they will pass through. For example if they pass through the 3 1/2 inch hole but not the 2 1/2 inch hole then they are sold as 3 inch. This means that at the largest end, they are bigger than 2 1/2 inches but less than 3 1/2.

1 inch bamboo cane x 8 foot long $4
1 lbs

Note the natural color on this 5 inch cane

Note the natural color on this 5 inch cane.

The canes are dated so they can be harvested for maximum strength.

Canes are carefully dried and heat treated to straighten and provide crack resistance.

Canes are sorted into five sizes, from 1 to 5 inch in diameter. All are 8 feet long.

Here canes are used in the lobby of the Tradewinds Hotel with no special treatment to create a tropical feeling with very little cost.

This cane fence is made on the spot and found in a park in Japan.

The simple addition of bamboo canes transforms this wood fence.

Canes can be used to make a whole range of instruments including percussion and wind.

Note that canes can be used to build interesting buildings and can be stained.

Here is a traditional fence found in a small entry to a house in Japan.